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I was flipping through the channels last night and nothing was on tv.  At about the time the president’s address to the nation came on, I happened to be checkin out The Bachelor or Bachlorette (whatever ridiculous reality show) when the station cut to the address.

Now, before the address, the news station came on and said their usual “We interrupt this program to bring you a special address, we will be sure to show you The Bachelor/Bachelorette in it’s entirety afterwards”  Wait, what?  You’ll be sure to show a “REALITY” show in it’s entirety afterwards no matter what? Ummm, okay that’s strike one.

So, being the average citizen that I am, I didn’t try to flip the channel like I usually do, I sat there and I listened.  I listened to both sides.  In their entirety.  Now, many of you know that I have to political siding, neither a Republican or Demorcrat, I just want this country to move forward and prosper.  While listening though, I came up with my own conclusion about this “debt crisis” that is looming only a week away.  THEY’RE ALL FULL OF IT.  I was seriously sitting and listening intently trying to learn something about this, and all I heard was a bunch of mumbo jumbo and he said she said schoolyard antics.

So now I have a few questions that I’m sure a lot of other simple hard-working Americans like my self have that do not understand all this political propaganda.

1.  If this “debt crisis” is SO IMPORTANT, why did both sides wait until 1 week away from the looming date of destruction to speak to the American people?  If the result of this is so catastrophic, shouldn’t the American people be given more than say 1 whole week to “write their congressman”? 

2.  Why bring up “writing your congressman” anyways?  BOTH sides have admitted at one time or another that they don’t even read the bills and legislation that come across their desks because they’re too long and lengthy.  So why would my letter be any different?  Or, do I need to keep it to a minimum of 100 words or less?  At the same time though, if this is so damn important,  I don’t think I want you reading anything except the solution that you’re working towards.

3.  Is there anyway possible way that BOTH sides could quit with the finger pointing?  PLEASE?  There’s no point in it at all and it makes you politicians look like complete asses.  Here’s what I say about that, I DON’T CARE WHO’S FAULT IT IS, YOU WERE THE ONE VOTED IN, HELL I DON’T EVEN EXPECT YOU TO BE THE SAVIOUR THAT FIXES IT ALL, ALL I ASK AS A CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY IS THAT YOU GET US MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

4.  It’s way beyond obvious that neither side likes the other side.  Hell I even think the word “hate” could be used.  All of that is fine, but is that how you politicians raise your childen too?  Mommy and Daddy get in an argument and you get on a forum and go back and forth about why mommy or daddy is stupid?  OF COURSE NOT!!  So, why would leaders of this nation do so on national tv that is being broadcast all over the world?  Remember, this is the UNITED States of America you bozos, keep your dirty laundry in house.  Both sides get paid to do their job, NOT complain about why it’s not getting done.

And now we come to the last question, a question that bothers me worse than the above questions.  WHO THE HELL CARES IF YOU SHOW THE REST OF A “REALITY” SHOW?  Is that seriously the priority of this nation, to see who the hell can fall in love with who within a few weeks?  It’s a rhetorical question really, because that’s all you see or hear about anymore which is sad.

In closing, I would love to say that our country is growing and moving forward like we always have, dealing with any speed bumps in our way.  Sadly, that’s no longer the case.  Instead, our country is at a stand still.  In the meantime though, today’s watercooler conversation will not be the state of the nation, nope.  It will be about who fell in love with who on our favorite reality show, and the NFL lockout being over.  In the meantime, our elderly and veterans live with the fear that they might be left in the cold, while our politicians are set for life.

Does that sound right to you?  Either way, get used to it, THAT’S THE TRUE REALITY.

-Shane J. West-Calabrese



  1. Dead on here. Stole my thunder. I got a take coming out today. However I was upset when they interupted Celebrity Apprentice

  2. I have not a single argument to make with that Shane. I also saw the interruption on the same channel (because I was surfing). I wasn’t upset about the “will be viewed in its entirety” comment. I was upset, as you were, that this is so damn important to our nation, but the morons we elected can’t play nice and fix the problem. Not much else to say because you said it all completely and quite eloquently. 🙂

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